For over 30 years, The Institute of Community Living has been helping New Yorkers of all backgrounds living with serious mental illness, substance abuse, or developmental disabilities achieve greater health and independence. Every year, ICL serves more than 10,000 people—adults, children, and families—in locations through-out New York City. Every night, some 3,000 New Yorkers call ICL home—whether in a community residence, transitional shelter or supportive apartment. Many live in poverty, in distressed and underserved communities, have experienced homelessness, substance use issues, or have served time in prison. Regardless of where they come from, what neighborhood or the problems they have endured, they find a caring team of professionals to guide and empower them on their path to recovery.

  • Mary Harrison, Chair
  • Lisa J. Kleist, Vice Chair
  • Michael V. Balistreri, Treasurer
  • Carter A. Weiss, Secretary
  • Robert Caporale
  • Matthew A. Cervino
  • Paul DeMello
  • Robert L. Jones, MD
  • Brinda Kathju
  • Christina Kulynycz
  • Michael McGarvey, MD
  • Johan Peguero
  • David Reid
  • Susan Schnall
  • Henry Tobin

In neighborhoods across New York City in more than 100 programs, ICL offers treatment and case management services, supportive housing, mental health shelters and special teams work to reach even the most hard-to-reach individuals. Our work is grounded in “whole person” wellness. We understand—and apply—principles of integrated care that bring together treatment of physical and behavioral health challenges. Our programs and services address all aspects of a person’s life experience, the social and economic conditions of their lives and their communities.

Results from our most recent ICL Healthy Living survey indicate that 97% of individuals served at ICL believe they can make changes to improved their physical health, a vast majority believe they can deal more effectively with daily problems and are better able to control their lives. In 2017, ICL received SAMHSA’s Recognition of Excellence in Wellness Award for our success with integrated care, one of three organizations selected from the entire country.



In Fall of 2018, together with our medical services partner, Community Healthcare Network, ICL opened one of the most comprehensive centers for integrated care in the country— the East New York Integrated Health Hub. This 4,3000 square foot building, located in the heart of a highly distressed community, brings together under one roof primary and mental health care and connection to other vital resources for families and children. Just open six months, we are already seeing the promise of the Hub come to life, with many promising indications that we are elevating the health and well-being of children, adults and families facing tremendous challenges and bringing meaningful support to the entire community.